Class SAXFactoryTree

All Implemented Interfaces:
ComponentInputI, ComponentOutputI, org.xml.sax.ContentHandler, org.xml.sax.DTDHandler, org.xml.sax.EntityResolver, org.xml.sax.ErrorHandler, org.xml.sax.ext.LexicalHandler, org.xml.sax.XMLFilter, org.xml.sax.XMLReader

public class SAXFactoryTree
extends SAXFactory
implements ComponentOutputI, ComponentInputI

The SAXFactoryTree class provides a relatively simple mechanism for creating new MOE components, hardwired to the components provided in the package. It in turn relies on the ComponentFactory class.

This class extends XMLFilterImpl rather than DefaultHandler so that it can be used as a pass-through if appropriate.

0.01 29 August 2001
Simon St.Laurent

Field Summary
protected  CoreComponentI result
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cqf, eventSource, listener, source, status, targetFile
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Constructor Summary
SAXFactoryTree(org.xml.sax.XMLReader parent)
Method Summary
 CoreComponentI getCurrentComponent()
          Not sure I'll keep this.
 boolean listen(CoreComponentI component)
          listen() takes components passed to it by component creators, returns true if there is a completion event.
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Field Detail


protected CoreComponentI result
Constructor Detail


public SAXFactoryTree(org.xml.sax.XMLReader parent)
Method Detail


public boolean listen(CoreComponentI component)
               throws MOEException
Description copied from interface: ComponentInputI
listen() takes components passed to it by component creators, returns true if there is a completion event. (This can usually be ignored, except where components are the listeners.
Specified by:
listen in interface ComponentInputI


public CoreComponentI getCurrentComponent()
Not sure I'll keep this.
Specified by:
getCurrentComponent in interface ComponentOutputI
getCurrentComponent in class SAXFactory